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Can we learn to recognize the lessons and the teachers when they cross our path? Yes, but only when we reach a higher level of awareness through the circuits of wisdom, and wisdom only comes through experience. Some lessons will be hard and some will be joyful, and it is only by experiencing these intense trials and rewards do we build up a library of reference to compare new experiences with probable outcomes based on previous lessons. Thus does this provide a greater “toolset” for your guides and guardians to work with so they may help us to put the pieces together to make right decisions. This is how we build the soul, which determines our place in the next world (the mansion worlds). The rate at which we progress is determined by our thirst for truth, beauty, and goodness; and by our desire to align our will with God’s will. It is the journey, my dear friends, which becomes our gift to the Supreme and it can be a beautiful, joyful journey, or it can be a painful one—it is up to us to decided. --Teacher Ophelius